Open GIG

Experience the power of traditional Japanese Taiko through untraditional rhythms. The Open Gig Course engages participants to an enjoyable atmosphere to unify their body-mind-spirit.

The Open GIG introduces an innovative Unique Drumming style - GIG Drumming - invented by our group, in which we utilized the foundation of Japanese Taiko with different elements from various culture. It is a new art form which allows you to learn traditions in an untraditional way. Most importantly, the regular drumming class offers you a means of getaway, a pioneering way for recreational exercise, and an extraordinary tool to alleviate your daily stress.

What is Taiko?

Taiko has more than two thousand years of history in Japan. In early years, it was used in war for startling the enemy. Gradually it was accustomed as a tool for folk festivals and religious ceremonies, and currently widely used as a music accompaniment. Taiko is used in religious rituals for praying due to its robust sound, as if the voice of God. While in folk festivals, the sound of Taiko mimics natural power, such as rain or wind, to scare off demons. Taiko, as compared to other types of drums such as jazz drums, emphasizes more on the coherence of beat and “form” – a term Japanese use in describing body motion. Thus, strong visual impacts created by the variety of imaginative movements become the prominent feature of Taiko Drumming. In addition, Taiko Drumming is characterized by an ensemble playing on different drums, which requires coordination and cooperation between members, and as a result, Taiko Drumming has become a highly-energized medium in blending music, bodily power, and team collaboration.

Class Detail
  • Target: For those who are with no prior taiko experience

  • Class A

    • Date: 22/6, 29/6, 6/7, 13/7/2020 (Mon)

    • Time: 19:30-20:30

    • location: Room C, 14/F, Yip Fat Factory Building, Phase 1, 77 Hoi Yuen Rd, Kwun Tong

    • Fee: $780 (4 Classes)

    • Status: Recruiting >> Apply Now!

  • Class B

    • Date: 26/6, 3/7, 10/7, 17/7/2020 (Fri)

    • Time: 19:30-20:30

    • location: Room C, 14/F, Yip Fat Factory Building, Phase 1, 77 Hoi Yuen Rd, Kwun Tong

    • Status: $780 (4 Classes)

    • Status: Recruiting >> Apply Now!


  • Date: 18/5, 25/5, 1/6, 8/6/2020 (Mon)

  • Time: 19:30-20:30

  • location: Ban's GIG Drums Studio (Siu Sai Wan)

  • Status: $720 (4 Classes)

  • Status: Full

Introductory Taiko
  • Target: Recommended for those who completed introductory taiko, who are with preliminary knowledge about taiko, or taiko lovers who experienced any other taiko classes.

  • Date: 15/5, 22/5, 29/5, 5/6/2020(Fri)

  • Time: 19:00-20:00

  • Fee: $720 (4 Classes)  │  $200 (Single Class)

  • Status: Full

Basic Taiko
  • Target: Recommended for those who have finished introductory taiko and basic taiko AND are proficient in all relevant content (e.g. basic posture, form, kuchisouga etc). Get ready for more challenges! Participants who have other equivalent taiko experiences will also be considered under special circumstances.

  • Class A

    • Date: 13/5, 20/5, 27/5, 3/6/2020 (Wed)

    • Time: 19:30-20:45

    • Fee: $640 (4 Classes)  │  $180 (Single Class)

    • Status: Full

  • ​Class B

    • Date: 15/5, 22/5, 29/5, 5/6/2020 (Fri)

    • Time: 20:15-21:30

    • Fee: $640 (4 Classes)  │  $180 (Single Class)

    • Status: Full

Intermediate Taiko
Private Taiko
  • Target: From beginners who are looking for a taste of what taiko art is, to advanced players who are seeking for deeper understanding of taiko art and professional development. Lessons are personalized in various topics for students of all levels.

  • Date: To be negotiated

  • Time: To be negotiated

  • Fee: Excursion price is based on group size

Special Course
Taiko and Music
  • Content: Combining the relaxing nature of music and the joy of taiko drumming through a series of drumming rhythm and movements, Taiko and Music offers you an untraditional means to play taiko. Prior experience of taiko drumming is not necessary, get ready to enjoy the refreshing music and explore thrilling rhythms!

  • Target: For taiko players of all levels, who are seeking an untraditional way workout and to train your body coordination.

  • Date: -

  • Time: -

  • Fee: -

  • Status: Pending

*Language: All classes will be conducted mainly in Cantonese, English supplement is available on request​.

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